Thursday, June 22, 2017

Modesty tip!

Just wanted to do a quick modesty tip post this (hot) second day of summer.

With this heat, and our (sad) decline of modest tops mama and I decided to invest in some modest crops.

I got mine today and I am loving it!

(I bought the tank, and basic half tee, I think the tank one is on sale.)

So I bought the tank one for tops that have sleeves and need a better neck line, and the basic for tops that don't have sleeves. (and need a better neckline) They are reversable and sooooo soft.

Well I better fly got do "stuff" :P

p.s. I watched disney's new moana and I hope to do a "review" (More like everything I thought was wrong with it.) soon

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What's in my purse

And today's post is just 'cause I'm board. :D

My wallet... of course, I can drive with out it.. (and that is because my driving permit never leaves it:D)

A journal/ note book with it's matching gold pen

My Hygiene pouch

My swiss army knife. (This thing is soooo useful,  for all the hang nails, apples on the go, and other oddities that call for a multi-tool)

A bunch of hair pins and hair tie

Loose change.. I just discovered that I have 26 cents instead of  0 dollars or cents!!! (I'm rich :D)

Now the goodies:

(lol not really :D)
Lip gloss
Lip stick (in peony blush )
A perk to mama being a L&D nurse is she sometimes gets goodies from her patients... in this case her patient was an Avon rep, and gave mama make up and mama shared with me
Eye Liner ( in brown chocolate 
Perfume : I love love love this perfume : (Now they had this in a tester tube when I bought mine and that is what I have.)
Home made lipstick
(This is not so fun ) An empty tissue pack ... empty because of a funeral yesterday. Deep breathe, okay I'm not going to cry.

A paper with our preacher and his family's phone number, my grandparents phone number and our neighbors phone number, and I have no phone what so ever to call any of these numbers with....

Well That's whats in my purse and I have also come to realize that I need a bigger purse... :D

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Unplanned By : Abby Johnson (The Book)

I found this book yesterday when searching through my Tyndale rewards. The title sounded like a prolife title. I clicked on the title Abby Johnson. I recognized it immediately several years ago I read an article about her In WORLD magazine. I read the book description and  cautiously began to look it up. Abortion is not something we generally can read without being uncomfortable, truly I was a bit afraid, what morbid description was I going to find in this book. I decided to see if our library had it. It did. So still undecided on whether I would actually read it I entered the later that day when we went to the library and I picked up my hold and headed upstairs to find this book.  When we got home I started reading it. I didn’t stop except to eat dinner, order a copy for myself, and get ready for bed. I stayed up till midnight folks! I finished reading it early this morning. God’s grace is so powerful , this story is amazing. You really must read it!

Have a blessing filled day!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Tyndale Rewards

I have wanted to link this website for a while but have kept forgetting….. Lol is a website where you can earn “rewards points”, and once you’ve racked up enough you can use them to “buy” books, Bibles, and audio books (right now I’m debating on whether or not I should get the voyage of the dawn treader , and the silver chair or Unplanned <by Abby Johnson>)

Have a beautiful day… It’s rainy and dreary today but I am so so thankful God has sent rain we needed it badly.